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Specialitet:EDI integration in the real world!

We have been involved in nearly 1,000 installations of EDI over the years. Everything from large system installations with more than 1000 affiliated EDI partners to small operators such. To send invoices to a specific customer by EDI.

EDI Project leading

We take responsibility to make solutions of ideas at the right time at the right price. With many years of experience of EDI projects, we have mainly been using agile methods but historically we have worked for waterfall methods.

EDI Systemdesign

We transform requirements and needs to system descriptions, data structures and program instructions.

EDI Programming

We make software system descriptions using programming languages ​​such as EDIPlus Language, PHP, VS or C + +.

EDI customization

Our programs System Monitor, EDIGraph, EPView, VCD-View and our programming language (EDIPlus Language) may be additions and modifications to simplify or improve ideas and solutions.

EDI in the Cloud

Our programmers have over the years also designed Web-based solutions for managing orders, acknowledgments, etc.

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