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EDIPlus Language

A scripting language designed specifically for EDIFACT structures, XML, and other file formats total includes language about 300 functions. Latest addition was the PKI to support EDIFACT version 4 and Customs' new sigilleringsmetod.Språket has been developed with the needs that have arisen in our actual customer projects - A language for 'EDI in the Real World!'

EDIPlus Monitor

A time-driven and event-driven EDI engine with queue managers that identifies what programs to handle the files. Ensures also uppföjlning and control of events and failure events. Everything to minimize the programming operations, maintenance and management cost of the system.

EDIPlus Viewer

A real-time monitor that captures streaming data from EDIPlus Monitor and other EDIPlus programs. One can comfortably watch at a window in his own computer to see what happens on the edi-machine in the DMZ.

EDIPlus Protokoll

We have developed many communication protocols for batch mode and clients to connect to komunikationsservrar. Among the protocols are OFTP vers 1.2 for X.25 and X.28, MQ clients, FTP clients, Smtp clients.

EDIPlus EDIGraph

Displaying the flow graphically can control up to 10 different message sources.


Showing the flow of traffic lights Green = OK, graphic control up to 10 different message sources and message targets.


We have developed API for system integration between terminal systems and swedish customs authorities. These include both the various type of TDR005 (Preliminary declaration, Declaration and Export messages), UTL (Extradition Waybill) and NCTS (transit cargo reporting of incoming and outgoing goods).

EDIPlus CodeMaker

Creates program to EDIPlus Language for 'straight' conversion of EDIFACT files to an unpacked format or to Movex Enterprise Collaborator format, MEC format.

Membership in www.edicheck.se

A cloud service that analyzes EDIFACT files and report errors and standard deviations.

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