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2013-12-05 You can now download Ediplus language EDIFACT data structures for all message versions and releases.

2013-12-10 The latest binaries to EDIPlus Language 1.56b available online.

2013-12-10 Download, execute license key program, attach the key file to us, so we return the license file.

News Current software versions!

EDIPLus Langugage 1.56b Aix 5.2 64 bit

EDIPLus Langugage 1.56b Linux (Centos, Redhat) 5.2 32-bit

EDIPLus Langugage 1.53c Sun Solaris 9 32 bit

EDIPLus Langugage 1.56b Windows 32-bit

EDIPLus Monitor 2.05.02 Windows 32-bit

News EDIPlus Monitor

The new version, 2:05 includes many new features such as a built-in archive function zip / tar / 7z/bzip). Refined scheduler. Improved error log handling. Improved logging, undefined, file management, Built-in file copy control of EDI files. Assistance of duplicate message handles incoming files and XML files. global / local traces of local actions and scenarios. Alert handling for errors and unexpected events.Alert when loss events. Improved integration of data links. Improved timber handling in EDI Service.Add Verbose functions. date based log-and track name. Daily error and warning reports. Reports on missing Order.

News Ongoing projects!

2013-12-06 Thanks to Konsulthuset MMI, it is now possible to access, a Solaris 11 machine, so we can finalize the porting of EDIPlus Language to 64 bit Solaris 11 with Oracle 11 connection.

News Recently completed projects!

2013-11-23 Installation and integration of OFTPV2.

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